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Siraj-Ul-Haq Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami

  1. Siraj al-Haq is known for his simplicity and restless spirit for the spread of the message. He did his graduation from the Degree College Taimar Garah, followed by a bachelor degree in education, and masters from Peshawar university. He associated himself with the Islami Jami‘at-i Talbah as a teenager and later became its nāzim a‘lā (president) in 1998. After his masters, he became the member of the Jam‘at-i Islami followed by his elevation to secretary general of his province.October 2002 election saw him as senior minister of the MMA government in the province. His performance as a minister in the provincial cabinet won him respect from all sections of society.April 2009, Amīr Jam‘at-i Islami appointed him as na’ib amīr (vice president). Siraj al-Haq is a forceful speaker in Urdu and Pashtu. He can also manage himself well in English, Persian, and Arabic. He has travelled extensively in the Middle East.

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