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PTI government still lacks ability to run the country after wasting 18 months of the nation.

ISLAMABAD: MAR 9: Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has lamented that the PTI government still lacks ability to run the country after wasting 18 months of the nation.

Talking to journalists after attending Senate session here on Monday, he said the government was running the affairs on ad-hoc basic which led to the massive joblessness and exorbitant rise in prices of essential commodities in past few months.

Masses were depressed and wanted to get rid of the present regime, he said, warning the rulers to address the problem of the common man or get ready to go home. It was time to build factories and create employment opportunities for educated youth in public and private solution, he said, adding the langar khanas and shelter homes were not solution to the problems of the people. He said over 70 percent of the country’s population was passing a miserable life due to flawed economic policies of the rulers.

The JI chief said the so-called mainstream political parties were turned into family properties. Not only the present government but the former rulers were also responsible for the deprivation of the masses, he added. The ruling elite, he said, intentionally kept deprived the people from the health and education facilities, looting resources of the country from both hands during past seven decades.

Senator Siraj said the PTI government failed to introduce an impartial and strong accountability drive and all the promises it made during the election campaign proved a pack of lies. A majority of the ruling elite would go to the jails instead of power corridors if the strong anti-corruption system started in the country, he predicted. Corruption, he said, was the major problem but there was no check and balance system in the country. People, he said, were still waiting for the publication of inquiry report into the sugar and flour crisis. He said masses were fed up from the emotional statements of the prime minister and wanted practical step for their betterment

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