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We are starting a mass movement against inflation from Feb 20, Senator Siraj ul Haq

LAHORE- FEB 19: Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has said masses are losing trust over in the electoral process after witnessing the performance of 19 months of the present regime.
Even the PTI diehard voters and supporters were seemed exhausted and were praying for rulers’ departure, he said while talking to journalists after addressing a
training workshop of the JI workers at Mansoora on Wednesday. The ruling party, he said, had ditched the common man and promoted those who
invested on it during the general election. The outcome of its policies to ignore the public, he added, had started appearing within months. The economy had been
destroyed and people were starving, he said, adding the thousands lost jobs in past few months due to flawed policies of the government.
“We are starting a mass movement against inflation and unemployment from tomorrow [Thursday Feb 20],” he announced and said millions of people across the
country will be contacted during the campaign. Siraj said feudal and capitalist mafia had been sucking the blood of poor Pakistanis
for decades. The PTI, he added, made the tall claims to bring real change but proved the agent of the status quo. He also criticized the performance of the so-
called mainstream opposition parties, saying they were all the sides of same coin and least worried about the miseries of the public.
“The only agenda of the opposition groups is the release of their leaders and drop cases against them,” he said, adding there was no hope the opposition would ever
speak for public issues. He said people were desperate and longed for real change after testing all the so-
called mainstream parties. He vowed the JI would put the country on the path of
development if voted to power. Senator Siraj said the UN Secretary General had also started directing the rulers to
bring secular changes in educational curriculum after the dictations of the IMF for
the same.
Meanwhile, he also congratulated the national Kabbadi team on beating Indian
team and wining the Kabbadi World Cup.

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