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The curse of corruption is not less dangerous than the coronavirus.

LAHORE- JAN 29: While referring to the Chief Justice of Pakistan’s statement about the NAB, Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has said the observation of the top judge has exposed the claims of the anti-corruption watchdog about transparent and across the board accountability.

On the other side, he said while addressing a party meeting at Mansoora on Wednesday, the governor of the state bank was narrating the stories of destruction to the country’s agriculture sector.

This regime, he added, destroyed almost every sector from railways to education in past few months, leaving the masses in desperate situation. The people, he said, were starving to death and committing suicides due inflation and unemployment. The bad governance and corruption were become trademarks of the PTI government, he said.

The JI chief said the rulers had not taken a single step in past 16 months to ensure the impartial and across the board accountability. He said the curse of corruption in a society was not less dangerous than the coronavirus. Different mafias, he said, were active in the society and they were looting the national exchequer with both hands. Strict action against the mafias who were behind the all evils in the society was the need of the hours, he said.

The Senator termed the Middle East plan of the US President Donald Trump an insult to the Muslim world. Although, he said, US backed stabbed the Muslim world, but its plan to divide Palestine into pieces would never be materialized. He said no Muslim country would accept the US design as the Palestinian president himself declared it “slap of the century.”

Siraj said the Indian premier was talking about making Pakistan bite to dust in ten days but the Pakistani rulers always issued weak statements against Indian warmongering. He said it was need of the hour that Islamabad took a brave stand against New Delhi belligerent rhetoric.

Commenting on the reports that four Pakistani students were tested positive for coronavirus, he said the government ensure contact of the parents to the patients and also take immediate steps to evacuate all those non-infected students from the neighboring country who immediately wanted to come to Pakistan.  

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