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JI for reducing assemblies’ term to four years

 LAHORE, Oct. 23; Ameer , Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has called for reducing the term of the assemblies to four years in order to save the country from recurring political crises and to ensure stability of the democratic system. He was addressing the concluding session of the JI two day convention of the JI Khyber at Azakhel, Naushera.
Stating that the conduct of the government in regard to the leakage of a controversial news item of a high level meeting held at the Prime Minister House was doubtful, the JI chief said that the army chief and the Corps Commanders had expressed their concern over the matter. He demanded that the facts be brought before the nation.
Sirajul Haq said that the Panama leaks was a shameful matter and had become a bane for the rulers. Therefore, the rulers should seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty and present themselves for accountability.
JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch, and JI Khyber P chief Mushtaq Ahmed Khan, also addressed the Ijtema. Besides a record male crowd, around fifty thousand women folk and children attended the convention.
He said the JI had gone to the court against the rulers’ corruption but the rulers were trying to avoid the courts. He said now the eyes of the entire nation were on the Supreme Court. He stressed that the apex court should not rely on the doctrine of necessity but should do justice. He said if the nation did not get justice this time, the people would rise and there would be bloodshed.
He rejected the country’s foreign policy and said it was a pity that the country did not have a full fledged Foreign Minister. He said the government was silent on the Kashmir situation while the JI had highlighted the Kashmir issue. “Our rulers are afraid of a (Indian) government which is afraid of pigeons” he remarked. The Pakistani people are lions but their leadership is in the hands of jackals, ‘he added.
Reiterating that all man- made systems had been tried in the country but had failed, he said that now it was Islam’s turn. However, he said, that Islam would be enforced with the public vote and not through gun. He urged the people to support the JI for this noble cause. .
He demanded that the sale of liquor be prohibited all over the country as had been done in Sindh.
Sirajul Haq said the Federal Finance Minister had earned the title of Asia’s best Finance Minister for burdening his country under mountains of loan due to which every citizen was under debt of over one lakh rupees.
He said the Quad e Azam had declared on more than one hundred occasions that the Quran and the Sunnah were the constitution for Pakistan. He said the future of Pakistan was linked with Islam and all those talking of liberalism were betraying the Pakistan ideology, the Quaid e Azam and the Pakistan movement martyrs.
Sirajul Haq said that the ruling elite were from the family of Mir Ja’fer and Mir Sadiq, (traitors), who had darkened the future of the country and the nation. Pakistan is the land of five rivers yet the country is a den of darkness. The peasants and workers worked hard but they did not get the reward for their labour. They did not get basic facilities of education and health. The country was rich with minerals including gold and coal yet it was under huge foreign debt. The resources of the country were being looted mercilessly.
The JI chief termed the present democratic set up as a fraud and said that as long as the Election Commission was not independent, all the elections would be controversial.
JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch, speaking on the occasion, said that the people of Khyber P., loved the Shariah, and the teachings of the holy Quran and the Sunnah. He said that the colonial powers had adopted different tactics to punish the Pakhtoons for their love for Islam. He said the enemies of Islam and the secular, liberal elements in the country wanted that the Islam lovers , the mosques and the madrissahs be shut down and Pakistan be made a secular state. However, he said, the lovers of Islam would safeguard the Islamic character of the country at every cost.
Liaqat Baloch said that JI’s Corruption Free Pakistan drive had awakened the masses and exposed the corruption mafia. He said that if the Prime Minister had announced a judicial commission for enquiry into the Panama leaks, and accepted the ToRs agreed upon between the government and the opposition, the political crisis would not have prolonged.
He stressed for decency in politics and counseled political leaders not to indulge in mud slinging against one another. He further stressed that the CPEC which was an epoch making project, should not be made controversial.

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