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JI condemns remarks against Prof. Khurshid

 LAHORE, May 26: Jamaat Islami’s central Secretary Information Ameerul Azeem, has termed as most disgusting and misleading the remarks made by Opposition leader Syed Khurshid Shah and a PML(N) MNA in the Public Accounts Committee meeting about JI senior leader and former Senator Prof. Khurshid Ahmed. These remarks have been made by these parliamentarians during a review of a report of the CDA.
In a rejoinder, the JI Information Secretary said that the comments of Syed Khurshid Shah and PML(N) MNA gave the impression that Prof. Khurshid Ahmed had taken some undue benefit of a CDP plot or building. This was most shameful and misleading, he added.
The JI Information Secretary demanded of Syed Khurshid Shah to withdraw his remarks about ex-Senator Prof. Khurshid Ahmed and tender an apology on this count.
He said that Prof. Khurshid Ahmed was a Muslim scholar of international repute who had never bothered for worldly gains. Prof. Khurshid Ahmed had established dozens of institutions including UK Islamic Mission, and Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) for the promotion of Islam. He said that Prof. Khurshid Ahmed had received Shah Faisal Award along with a huge amount for his services to Islam. He could have used this money for his person but he had donated the entire amount for education and research. Besides, Prof, Khurshid Ahmed had been a Senator for many years and had donated his salary for the IPS and for education and research.
Amirul Azeem said that the simple fact was that the I.P. S had sold out its building and purchased a new and more spacious building for its use and the remaining amount was lying in the IPS account for its use. He said some people in the PAC meeting had tried to give an impression that Prof. Khurshid Ahmed had sold the IPS building and pocketed the money.
The JI Information Secretary stated in categorical terms that the impression given by Syed Khurshid Shah and the PML(N) MNA was totally wrong. He said that the IPS building had been sold in line with the decision of IPS Board of Directors and they had purchased a bigger building, He said that Prof. Khurshd Ahmed or any other individual had nothing to do with this deal. He said the IPS accounts were audited annually and could be checked by any one at any time.
Amirul Azeem said that people like Syed khurshid Shah and the PMLN() MNA could not even imagine that some individuals on this soil could make every sacrifice for Allah’s pleasure. Those habitual of receiving commissions and kickbacks could not think of these sublime things, he added.

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