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Senator Sirajul Haq has asked the youth to get ready to bring real change in Pakistan.


LAHORE- FEB 1: While saying the system of pick and choose would no more work in the country Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has asked the youth to get ready to bring real change in Pakistan.

Addressing the annual meeting of the Islami Jamiat Talba at Punjab University Lahore on Saturday, he said the PTI deceived the young generation by making tall claims to change their destiny but turned them desperate in only 18 months.

“The PTI government has manufacturing faults, it does not enjoy the true mandate and it lacks ability to run the country.”

The JI chief said although previous governments contributed a lot to push the country at present stage but the Imran Khan regime proved itself worst than its predecessors. Khan’s team, he added, completely ruined the economy and destroyed the education and health sectors by handing over them to private contractors. The only job of the IMF team, which the lending agency had imposed on the country, was to suck the blood of the poor masses, he said, adding the entire system was on ventilator and taking the last breath. 

Senator Siraj expressed concern over the silence of the UNO and international community on Kashmir and Palestine issues. He said it seemed that Islamabad also abandoned the people of Kashmir. He, however, added the people of Pakistan were standing with their brethren and will never leave them alone in their quest for freedom from Indian yoke. He said the national will mark the Kashmir Solidarity Day with zeal and commitment on Feb 5. He said Muslim world should jointly propose the line of action for the freedom of Kashmir and Palestine.

He said the students of the IJT were the hope of the nation and defenders of ideological and physical boundaries of the country. He said enforcement of Islamic Shariah was the solution to the country’s problems. He said the JI would bring the real change if voted to power.


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