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Article 4

The Mission

Article 4
The mission of Jama’at-e-Islami and the objective of all its efforts and struggle shall in practical terms be the establishment of the Deen (establishment of Divine Order or the Islamic way of life) and in essence the achievement of Allah’s pleasure and success in the Hereafter.
Explanation: Jama’at views the three terms ‘al-Deen’, Divine Order’, and ‘Islamic Way of Life’ as synonyms. The Jama’at uses the terms of ‘Divine Order’ or ‘Islamic Way of Life’ in the same sense in which the Qur’an uses the term of ‘establishment of al-Deen’. The three mean the same that man must accept willingly the law-giving Order of Allah in those spheres of human life in which he has been given discretion in the same manner in which every part of the universe submits willingly or unwillingly to His physical empire. The way of life that emerges as a result of willing acceptance of Allah’s law-giving Order is called ‘al-Deen’, ‘Divine Order’, or ‘Islamic Way of Life’.
‘Establishment of Deen’ does not mean establishing some part of it, rather establishing it in its entirety, in individual and collective life, and whether it pertains to prayers or fasting, Haj or Zakat, socio-economic or political issues of life. No part of Islam is irrelevant, but the whole Islam is necessary. It is incumbent upon a Believer to strive for establishing Islam in its entirety without discretion and division. The part that is related to individuals’ life should be observed by every Believer in his own life; and all the Believers should arrange for party-discipline and joint effort for establishing that part that cannot be established without collective struggle.
While the Believer’s real objective is to attain Allah’s pleasure and success in the Hereafter, this cannot be realised without trying to establish Allah’s Deen in this world. Therefore, a believer’s mission in practical terms is the establishment of Deen while in essence it is the attainment of Allah’s pleasure that comes as a result of the effort for establishing Deen.

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